Zrapid series isla

ZRapid is the innovator of SLA 3D printing, the technology,process and method ZRapid using are now becoming the standard of the whole 3D printing industry.

  • Fast galvanometer
  • iSLA Control System
  • Fine detail and smooth surface finishing
  • Print intricate details with accuracy achievable up to 0.05mm
  • Parts can be printed within minutes to hours according to the size and complexity
  • Complex structure parts and assembly parts can be printed
  • Tough, precise, colorful, pure and heat resistant resin available
  • Miscellaneous product range, including iSLA1900D、iSLA1600D、iSLA1300D、iSLA1100D、iSLA1100、iSLA880、iSLA660、iSLA550、iSLA450、iSLA300、iSLA660Lite、iSLA550Lite、iSLA6036、iSLA550Ex
zrapid malaysia
IEMECZone Malaysia Zrapid Sla Printer


Parameters in common:

  •  Wave length: 355nm
  • Lasar type: Diode-pumped solid-state laser Nd: YV04.
  • Thick range: Quick style 0.1-0.15mm, Layer thickness range are adjustable. 
  • Recoating system: include Intelligent positioning and vacuum adsorption recoat. 
  • Accuracy: depending on parameters, part size and geometry, pre-processing, post processing, materials and environment.
  • Normal thick: 0.1mm 100um.
  • Laser Beam diameter:  0.1~0.5mm 100um-500um laser spot are adjustable.

Zrapid series isla avantages

SLA printer IEMEC Zone (Malaysia) Zrapid

Dynamic focus super-fast scanning style

SLA printer IEMEC Zone (Malaysia) Zrapid

Large surface intelligent partitioning scanning

SLA printer IEMEC Zone (Malaysia) Zrapid

Tough, precise, colorful, pure and heat resistant resin available.


This type of 3D Printer is an Additive Manufacturing process that works by focusing a UV laser on a vat photopolymer resin. 

Zrapid ISLA Malaysia (IEMEC Zone)